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Meet the CEO

My name is Nikki Jones

I have experimented with many different career paths and what I realized is that I genuinely LOVE to work! That is why i'm so grateful that I've found a way to do what I enjoy, own my own business and help other small business owners in the process!

It started when I was working on being a Content Creator myself. I learned all the ins and outs of social media plus administrative skills that I used regularly for my own platform. 

I was constantly learning new skills and educating myself with the goal of being a successful content creator. What was interesting is that I had trouble finding my niche. I didn't know what type of content I wanted to make. Fitness, personal development, relationships. I had no clue what direction I wanted to go. 

In the mist of me experimenting with my own platform, an opportunity came about. I was asked to help a business owner with their administrative tasks and managing their social media. That is the moment the doors to Assistum LLC opened!

I realized that I could do all the things I LOVED to do (the administrative work and content creating) without the stress of wondering WHAT niche I would create in. 

I get to help small business owners make their day-to-day lives simpler and more enjoyable. I'm grateful to be where I'm at and even more excited to continue growing!

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About Assistum

Committed to Your Business

As we move through an ever-changing, digitally connected world, we see ourselves at the forefront of business processes. Assistum offers Virtual Assistance, available for you when and where you need us most.

Assistum is all about taking a weight off your shoulders. When working with small business owners, we ensure quality by offering smart, agile and customizable solutions for each and every client.

Our team members will go above and beyond in order to deliver excellent results.

We handle tasks, so our clients are able to focus on generating revenue for their businesses.

Are you interested in working with us? Get your schedule back on track and take your life back. Contact us today to see what Assistum can do for you!

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